class Descriptions

CrossFit Classes:

Reanimated's brand of CrossFit is an EXCELLENT program that emphasizes efficiency and mastering movements, which all equate to getting fit. Our standards for coaching are the highest around and each class consists of a “coach-led” dynamic warm-up or mobility sessions, followed by work that leads into either a strength movement or skill practice. Once we have put in some hard work there, it is on to the conditioning a.k.a. “metcon” followed by a brief cool down.

Legends Classes:

Our Legends class is held 3 times a week M/W/F and it's just like our CrossFit Classes, but you must be 50 or older to attend.  

Pilates Classes:

Pilates Mat Classes are the floor work version of the Pilates method. These classes take place in a group setting using your body weight as the primary source of resistance. Focus is placed on precise movements originating from the center or core of your body. Working from the deepest layers of muscles, which stabilize and support your spine and pelvis, resulting in a strong, flexible spine with ideal posture and alignment. Classes emphasize the Foundational Principals of Pilates while offering modifications and variations to suit each students individual needs.

Drop in Rates are $20 per CrossFit Class. Previous CrossFit Experience is required. 

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First time I have ever consistently stayed with a program and I have been coming to CrossFit Reanimated for over a year now. Can’t say enough great things about the owners and coaches and my “sweaty friends” ( AKA other members). You do not have to be fit to get started; you just have to show up. The facility is clean, a variety of times for classes to fit your schedule, and the workouts are scaled to your fitness level. The coaches pay attention to any past injuries or health concerns and find ways to keep you active without injury. Plenty of personal attention! Everyone is welcoming and you will see progress quickly. Come check it out - you will be so glad you did!
— Barb
CrossFit Reanimated is my first crossfit box. Since day 1, it has always been an encouraging environment. There is no intimidation factor here. Everyone is welcoming and this box makes crossfit for all ages. They preach proper form over anything and scale down movements to meet your fitness level. Definitely a great box and knowledgeable coaches!
— Tonya