We are here to help make the world a better place!

CrossFit Reanimated caters to all levels of fitness. Offering a variety of fitness programs including Nutrition Coaching, Pilates, Personal Training, and CrossFit classes. Our goal is to help individuals reach new levels of fitness.

We have combined our CrossFit offering with Pilates with Nutrition as our base line. Both CrossFit and Pilates aim to return our bodies to that functional level. At CrossFit Reanimated you can choose to participate in CrossFit classes, Pilates classes, or both. We strongly believe the practice of both will help us all become healthier, stronger, and fitter individuals (aka Reanimated).

Sharing the sport of fitness with as many people as possible is one of our goals. Whatever your fitness level we want to help you meet your goals in a safe and fun community environment.

If you are seeking a general fitness program, sport specific training, or injury rehab we are here to help. This is much more than your typical gym, Come give it a try!


“Re” means “back to an original place, condition”

“Animated” means “endowed with life or the qualities of life, full of movement and activity”

If you put those together we are bringing ourselves back to life. What better way to do that than through fitness and health. Our bodies are meant to move and be used in healthy and functional ways. When you come to work out with us yes you might start to look better, perhaps you might start to eat a bit healthier, but that’s not the end of it. It’s the long term side effects of being able to do more in your life for longer. That is what we are seeking at CrossFit Reanimated.



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Our philosophy comes from years of trying it all. Like you, we knew we needed to be healthier. We went to the gym and tried the same old methods and it just wasn’t working for us. Perhaps we were bored or it wasn’t the right stimulus. Eventually we realized that the individual approach wasn’t right for us. Then we discovered CrossFit. This was our solution and it gave way to something much more; a community of like-minded people sharing our desire to be our best. A void was filled that we didn’t even know had been missing. That void was a competitive sport for everyone, the Sport of Fitness.

CrossFit Reanimated started in 2011 or at least the concept, when we attended the 2011 CrossFit Games in Carson California. That simple trip to watch other people compete in the sport of fitness, sparked the passion you will see every day at CrossFit Reanimated. After years of planning, researching, and learning about the business and principles, the doors finally open in the summer of 2014.

We are located in a 6,000 square foot location. Our training methods produce undisputed, tangible results for all levels of fitness; from young to old, elite athletes, and everything in between. Just remember you don’t need to get in shape or lose weight before you start CrossFit. We openly welcome everyone no matter your age or fitness level.