How Susan Lost 9lbs, 11.75 Inches in 4 Weeks!

 Susan's Nutrition Story

Susan's Nutrition Story

Meet Susan!

She started CrossFit in November of 2017. Last month she decided it's time get the Nutrition thing under her belt.  She regularly attends 3 CrossFit and 1 Pilates class each week. 

During our 4 week Customized Nutrition Plan Susan had some life challenges that many of face and can sometimes use as an excuse, but not her. She took this opportunity to look at her eating and know that was the one thing she did have control of. 

Here Results are in and Amazing! We are looking forward to what the future holds.  

  • Lost 9 Pounds

  • Lost 11.75 Inches

  • Gained the ability to eat Healthy in stressful situations

Some of the things Susan did to see results

  • She used the timer on her watch to remember when to eat

  • Food Logged and meal prepped.

  • Brought lunch to work and when she didn’t bring lunch she found a healthy option and ate the right portions.

  • Followed the meal plan

  • Cut back on sugar

  • Drank lots of water

  • Cleaned out her fridge, pantry and freezer to allow for only fresh foods/ingredients and got rid of the processed food.

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