How Roxanne Lost 4lbs, 5.75 Inches, and Gained Accountability!

 Roxanne's Nutrition Story

Roxanne's Nutrition Story

Meet Roxanne!

She's no stranger to CrossFit, but like many people she took a little hiatus from it.  In April of 2018 she decided it was time to come back and started with our 6 Week Transformation Program.  

During this time Roxanne made some simple changes that started showing immediate results. 

  1. Upped her water intake by filling hydro flask and carrying extra water to refill it.

  2. She has healthy snacks in desk at work.

  3. Only ordered Chinese 1 time in 6 weeks!!

  4. Started Food prepping and bringing lunches to work.

Over 6 weeks....18 Classes and our Intro to Nutrition Package Roxanne showed amazing Results!

-Lost 4 Pounds
-Lost 5.75 Inches
-Gained Accountability

Roxanne wanted a more in depth plan and more accountability so she and her significant other are continuing on with our 4 Week Customized Nutrition Plan! She's loving being back to CrossFit and starting the routine of a healthy lifestyle change!!!

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