How Greg Lost over 22lbs and 6.75 inches!

Robie March 2018.jpg

Robbie started his nutrition journey with us in April of 2017 by joining one of our Nutrition Challenges. He had success during this challenge and decided to start our Customized Nutrition Program in December of 2017.  

In less than a year he has transformed his body.  

▶️-22.8 lbs lost
▶️-2% Body Fat lost
▶️-6.75" Lost
▶️-Increased Strength and Endurance

It's not all about the looks and weight loss.  Since dialing in his nutrition we've seen so many are just a few.

His pull-ups, rope climbs, muscle-ups, lifts, and endurance has all improved.  

One of the things that really sticks out in our mind is how dedicated he's been even with his hectic schedule. Robbie travels regularly for work being on the road at least 50% of the time.  He's worked hard to not let his job be an excuse to not live a healthy lifestyle.  

Do you want to be like Robbie? It's easy the first step is to book a free Nutrition Check in!