Just Because Someone Looks Fit, Doesn't Mean They Are Fit

What exactly is "functional"? One definition: "designed to be practical and useful, rather than attractive."

Attractive, fit looking individuals catch your attention as they walk by. In your head you think "Wow, that person is super fit, I wish I looked like that." Does this make you feel discouraged?Instagram is full of feeds with fitness model photos. They work out solely to look good. But are they functional? 

Many people have a goal in mind. Whether it is to live a healthier lifestyle, look better naked, or to be able to keep up with their children/grandchildren. A person training for a bikini show may “look” fantastic, but likely are not functional. Generally, they will not be able to perform movements that are beneficial to them outside of the gym. For example, picking up a heavy box without straining their back. Deadlifts and squats are a couple of functional movements essential to everyday life.


My question to you is, do you want to just look fit, or workout to improve your overall health and capacity during daily activities? There are plenty of people at the gym hitting the treadmill for 20 minutes, then moving from machine to machine all in the name of looking better. What if you could have both, looks and function? Our style of training improves cardio, power, stamina, strength, balance and coordination, just to name a few!


Everyone's body is different. Those who do CrossFit will vary in how they look, some actually look like fitness models, others look like the guy next door or your grandmother – it really depends on their goals.  However, they share something in common: their ability to tackle whatever challenge they might face. Your health, looks, and performance will benefit through CrossFit. So, the next time you see an individual who looks super lean with definition, think to yourself if that is the type of "fit" you want or would you rather look good and be able to do stuff? We all have different goals! Don't let people’s looks affect you and your goals.


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Written by
Ezra Nieto, NASM PT