Kelli feels like she's in her 20's after only 8 weeks!

 Kelli feels like she’s in her 20’s again and giving some young kids a run for their money!

Kelli feels like she’s in her 20’s again and giving some young kids a run for their money!

Meet Kelli!

Kelli started with us on July 2nd of 2018!

She joined our 8 week Personal Trainng program including: CrossFit, Pilats and Nutrition! Since her initial 8 weeks ended she’s continued on with attending CrossFit & Pilates classes.

A little bit about Kelli and why she got started!

      My background always involved sports- I competed in all types of sports - basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, softball, track - I was a 4 year collegiate track athlete, competing in the heptathlon . After college graduation I stayed very active with weightlifting and running for about 8 years, until motherhood!  Once I became a mom to two wonderful kiddos, my fitness took a back seat as I struggled to maintain that life balance - mother, wife, working full time.  I would still work out over the next 18 years but it was never consistent - I would do well for a few months and then I would do nothing for a few months.  I thought I knew how to eat healthy,  I always maintained a comfortable weight, but I was always tired and had little energy.  I suffered a knee injury in Nov 2017 and I basically stopped doing any type of exercise.  The catalyst for my journey, as I like to call this, was I realized in Feb 2018 I was 10-15 pounds over my normal weight and I just did not move well.  I felt much older than my age and basic activities like climbing stairs, riding a bike, jogging - all hurt.  I have to teach people to move well for rehabilitation in the scope of my employment - the way I felt and moved was starting to affect my job - I realized I had to change.  As I started my journey in Feb 2018, I started trying to eat a little healthier (less fast food and alcohol) and started being more active with walking and riding my bike.  I did lose some weight but I still did not move as well and I continued to feel fatigued. I needed to try something different! Below are my answers to your questions:

Q: Why did you sign up for our nutrition program?

I saw an advertisement for a 12 week program and the title caught my eye.  I realized it was time to finally invest in me! Both of my children were about to graduate high school and my responsibilities at home were less with their busy schedules and I was ready to work on moving and feeling better.  I thought I basically knew how to eat healthy, but I realized I never learned HOW to eat healthy and nutrition was never an aspect in my life that I ever worried about.  So, I signed up !

Q: What have your results been?  

I never really dreamed I would obtain the results that I achieved.  I did get to my goal weight, and I lost body fat and inches but how I move and feel is exactly what I was striving for!  I have a lot more energy and I rarely feel tired. I no longer have discomfort or pain when I demonstrate rehab exercises at work.  I can now climb stairs, ride my bike and run pain free!  I do occasionally have discomfort in my knee, but I have been able to return to exercise and be more active in my life. I am looking forward to returning to snow skiing this winter.  I feel like I did back in my 20's!

What would you tell someone who was considering signing up with CrossFit Reanimated?

I would encourage anyone looking to achieve a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and physical fitness to sign up with CrossFit Reanimated.  The staff is incredibly knowledgeable, welcoming and supportive - they are engaged with you in your journey and want to see you succeed!  I have also been impressed with the attention to detail with teaching the correct technique for all the different CrossFit exercises and their ability to modify an activity based on someone's medical history.  I have had an interest in CrossFit over the years but never made the attempt to try it - until now - I can not recommend a more welcoming and professional atmosphere to start YOUR journey!

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