I see bravery every single day with small acts

I see bravery every single day with small acts. This is what bravery look like to me?

If you don’t know this song it’s one that really speaks to me in so many ways. It was on the radio the other day and it got me thinking. 
I see bravery every single day with small acts. Every time a new person walks through my door regardless of their fitness level it’s an act of bravery. 

For some of us just showing up is really difficult. Every time someone speaks up in a class and asks a question. It reminds me of when I started and would skip class because I was afraid of looking foolish.
Let me walk you through what it feels like for me when visiting a new fitness facility. This is one of my experiences when traveling about a year ago.
I was out of town on vacation and my husband was going mountain biking the next morning so I thought well I’ll see if there is a CrossFit gym near by. He's going to gone for about 6 hours and the only thing I had planned a hike later in the day.
First I google what's around and discover is a CrossFit gym across the street from our hotel and right behind the bike shop that he’s renting his bike from.
I find their website and notice they have an 8:30am class. Perfect for me! I don’t like to workout too early and I wanted to hit the hiking trail around Noon plenty of time!
Now is when I start to freak out a little bit. You might laugh at this saying but your CrossFit coach and you own a gym. That’s doesn’t make me immune to my own insecurities. Are you ready for what starts going through my head? 

What if it’s a huge gym?
What if there are a ton of people?
What if they are doing a movement I’m not good at?
What if everyone looks at me and thinks I should better?
What if they aren’t nice?
What if I do something and embarrass myself?
I can keep going and going and going...

What happens next I drag Dan on a walk to see what the gym looks like when I know they aren’t open..doesn’t look to intimidating it’s another CrossFit gym just like others I’ve been to. I then see a note on their door that says send us a text if you are visiting and want to drop in for a class. I take a picture of the number and start obsessing about when I should send them a message. I haven’t committed to anything yet other than saying I should do it and telling my husband I plan on taking a class.
At this point you either think I’m CRAZY  or can totally relate to this kind of thought process especially if you have a little social anxiety.
I still have about 12 plus hours to obsess if I should go or not! I remember my little mantra “Life Begins Outside Your Comfort Zone” this is clearly outside my comfort zone. Just send the damn text message and try to start enjoying that you're in Moab instead of freaking out about a 1 hour class the following morning. 
The rational part of my brain is asking why on earth are you freaking out about a class and not the least bit worried that your going on a hike in the desert alone with your dog the next day!
The end result I went through the entire thought process again the next morning and few more times that evening. As I’m about to go to the gym I’m sitting in the parking lot palms sweating and literally freaking out. Then I got out of the car and walked in the door....
Guess what it was just fine they were really friendly and I had a great workout.
You might ask why am I telling you this?

We really understand it can be hard and scary to start something new especially a fitness program. It’s hard to show up. It’s hard to keep showing up. We completely understand this and we’re ready to talk with you when your ready!
Our first step is a conversation that’s it no workout and no pressure just a talk. You can schedule an appointment below to come in an talk with myself or one of our other coaches.

So remember
"Say what you wanna say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave"

Sara Benson
Nutrition Coach, Pilates Instructor, CrossFit Trainer