31 Pounds in 4 Months!!!

Jerry Before & After.jpg

Jerry Started with us on October 9th, 2017 with one of our 6 week challenges.

Through lots of hard work and determination he's made drastic changes.

  • 31 lbs lost
  • 2% Body Fat
  • 6 Points down on his BMI

If you're wondering how he's done this it's Simple, but not Easy!

Here are the simple steps he took
1. He joined our 6 week CrossFit & Nutrition Program
2. He started by coming to class 3 days per week
3. He incorporated our nutrition plan
4. After the 6 weeks he continued on attending CrossFit 3-4 days per week and closely watches his food intake.
5. He currently attends classes and Private training sessions with one of our coaches

That was the Simple part......The hard part is showing up.

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