Have you ever wondered if Private Training or Group classes are the right fit for you? 

Personally I do a mixture of both Private sessions and group classes.  I take private Pilates sessions and attend group CrossFit classes. There are several reasons, but for me my schedule is a bit hectic so scheduling private sessions once a week helps me stick to my program and hold me accountable.

There are many reasons to do Private training sessions over group classes. I'm only going to focus on 3 of these reasons today.  In fact we start almost everyone with private training session before entering into group classes.

  1. Do you have a hectic and busy schedule? If you said yes Private sessions might be for you,  we can work around your schedule and build sessions to meet your needs.
  2. Are you nervous or do you have anxiety about starting a new fitness routine? If so private training is perfect for you. It's only you and 1 trainer focusing on your needs. Once you become proficient and comfortable with a new exercise program you may want to transition into group classes.
  3.  Are  you suffering from a past injury or a new injury? This is a great time to step away from group classes and work one on one. During this recovery time a trainer can help you adjust and modify your workouts to meet your needs. 

We offer Free consult called a "No Sweat Intro" that you can schedule with one of our trainers to find a program that works for you.