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I heard about CrossFit when I happened to be scrolling through Facebook. I had seen the ad and my curiosity took it from there. I was 31 when I started.  

I'm not a gym monster and have a hard time motivating myself to work out in any i needed something to stimulate and motivate me and a regular gym/workout doesn't do it.

I started with the 6 week "New You Challenge" and now I take the regular CrossFit classes. Initially, I wasn't too intimidated by it although some workouts do frustrate me when I see them (lol) however, with some practice and learning the moves, I've come to accept most of them.

I've actually recently surprised myself when I did my first Toes to Bar. I have the hardest time with pull ups and was really surprised when Michelle G had me do it during a workout. Snatches and cleans are my enemy right now so I'm working on improving those.

 Post Open Workouts! Who new it would be so much fun

Post Open Workouts! Who new it would be so much fun

As of now, my favorite memory at CrossFit Reanimated would have to be completing my very first workout of the CrossFit Open. Had it not been for Sara actually telling me that I'm doing the open then I probably wouldn't have participated, especially never having done this before. The workout to me was a bit brutal, but I'm glad I'm able to say I participated!!



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