Member Story Martha

Meet Martha! She has been attending classes with us since September of 2015. 

Learn a little bit about how she found CrossFit

My husband, Spencer, has been dabbling in CrossFit for years, and he told me about it many moons ago when we were dating, but I didn't start until I was 25.

Spencer had never been a member of a box prior, but a couple of coworkers told him about Reanimated, and we decided to go to one of their Saturday morning classes to try it out. I have never been one to go out of my way to work out, though I took advantage of the gym at my university a few times, and I occasionally made use of my sister's elliptical. But for the most part, I didn't much care for physical activity, and I definitely never had a routine. After Spencer and I tried out CR, he encouraged me to take part in a 2-week intro program, and I ended up joining after that. He would've joined with me, but his schedule didn't allow for it at the time. As someone who never liked working out, especially among a group of strangers, I begrudgingly went into it by myself.

I'm happy to say I've got a routine now, and I participate in evening CrossFit classes during the week. 

CrossFit was intimidating at first, and I never thought I would get into it. It wasn't necessarily a negative opinion, just not my cup of tea. It still took some getting used to even after several weeks. I constantly had to remind myself that everyone has to start somewhere, and now I wish I had gotten to that starting point sooner. It's been over a year, and I still have to walk myself through a movement when I blank in the middle of a WOD, or try not to get into my head when I'm working to a 1RM, but I've learned a lot, and gotten a lot more confident. Instead of seeing it as intimidating, I see it more as encouragement to work harder.

I don't remember what my first bright spot was, but it was probably getting a rope climb or moving from knee tucks to knees-to-elbows on the toes-to-bar scale. I recently got a 200# deadlift, and reached triple digits on my clean, which are very bright spots for me as well.

 Speaking of bright spots, I have managed to squeak out a couple of strict chin-ups and pull-ups, so at this point I'd like to start working on kipping pull-ups. I've given it a shot once or twice, but the movement is a tough one for my brain and body to connect on, so it might take some time.


I have a couple of favorite memories, one of which was actually when I got my first pull-up. Sara was watching us do something or other on the rig during class, and she came over and asked me, "when was the last time you tried a pull-up?" I hadn't thought to try, so she told me to give it a go. It probably wasn't the prettiest one, but I did it. Another solid memory was when I completed a WOD that involved a handful of movements, specifically 5 rope climbs. I had done a few rope climbs in a workout before, but definitely not 5 in a row. After some cleans and some running, I was not looking forward to them, and certainly wanted nothing to do with the 50 burpees that were waiting for me at the end of the WOD. Slowly but surely, I climbed the rope 5 times. I was the last one done with the workout, doing the majority of my burpees on my own, but I was ridiculously proud of my determination.