Listen to your body it's the only one you have!

Listen to your body it's the only one you have! 

When something starts to bothering you, maybe your back, knee, shoulder, neck what ever it is you need to listen to it. This is a very difficult lesson to learn, but I've been getting better as I'm getting older. Hopefully some younger and older folks will read this and just think a little bit more about what their body is saying.  

Here's a great example:

Rewind a few years back: I would be doing a workout and think oh my neck hurts, but that's okay it's not that bad I'll just keep going!

WRONG ANSWER! That was my body giving me a warning sign, hey something isn't right and you should stop doing this.  Next thing I know I've got some chronic neck issues going on and it's taking me forever to figure out what I did and how can I make it better. Guess what this cost money and time! If I had just listened when it started things might have been different.

Current Day, as in last week

I'm coming up on 40 and continually fascinated by the improvements I'm seeing each month in the gym it's awesome and sometimes I don't want to stop.

I was doing a workout about a week ago with Pull ups in it. This is a big deal for me since over the past year I've really started to do them well, and I was excited to put RX on the board.

During the first round of 5 Pull ups I feel something not bad, but not great in my shoulder. I'm working through the next two movements and actually having a full on argument in my head about should I continue on with these pull ups.  I get to round 2 and realize you know what this is a bad idea I should just scale the movement down.  That was the best decision I could have made. I'm pretty sure if I kept going I might have actually hurt myself. 

This is a little bit of what my internal what if battle sounded like: What if people think I'm a wimp, What if someone thinks I'm lazy, Well I can so why not, What's the big deal if I tweak something, it goes on and on.....

Here are a few tips to think about to help you try and make a better decision when something is bother you.

  • Who am I trying to impress?

  • What's going to happen if I actually injure myself (I won't be able to exercise or maybe my vacation might get messed up)

  • Does it really mater if the board says RX? It doesn't what matters is that I'm moving, having fun and able to do it another day.

  • What kind of example am I setting for others around me.

  • Why am I doing this in the first place?

  • If I keep going what are the consequences? 

Remember listen to your body it's the only one you have!

If you have something bothering you tell your trainer, we're always happy to adjust your movements.

Sara Benson