Do you need more Cardio?

Why are the workouts so short? What happened to 30 minutes on the treadmill... I need my cardio!

"Anaerobic efforts are relatively high powered, and aerobic efforts are relatively low powered. Ex.) One hundred meter dash pace is a considerably faster pace than a mile pace.

Though aerobic exercise is widely recognized as being the ideal vehicle for fat loss, studies have shown that anaerobic exercise is a vastly superior protocol for fat burning. Anaerobic exercise builds muscle;  aerobic exercise burns muscle - period. On this point there is no intelligent debate. Compare the look of sprinters to long distance runners – here a picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

Importantly, not only does anaerobic work benefit aerobic performance, but anaerobic training can be used to develop high levels of aerobic fitness without the usual muscle wasting."


I've actually tested this theory by running a half marathon/ragnar without any distance training and riding a 50 mile mountain bike race with very limited long distance efforts (needed some time in the saddle to get my butt ready) 


Dan Benson