Teacher's Week! June 27th- July 1st

It's simple guys! The teachers in our community spend tons of time and energy teaching our children - well today, it's time to give back!

We are inviting ANY teachers and school faculty members in our community to work out with us for a week - COMPLETELY FREE. 

We'd like to say "Thank You!" to our local teachers and school faculty!

Just fill out the form to register and come have a good time! We can't wait to meet you guys!

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Teachers’ Week at CrossFit Reanimted

When: June 27th – July 1st


CrossFit Classes: Monday-Friday 9:00 am

Pilates Classes: Monday 5:30pm, Wednesday Noon & 4:30, Friday 8:00am

All classes are one hour long, and you can come to one or all  of the classes.
Bring a friend for moral support!

A Little More About Teacher's Week:

We realize the importance of having happy, healthy, and motivated teachers in our community. You guys craft the leaders of tomorrow, and that's not a concept that is lost on us. Because of the amount that you give to our children throughout the year, we want to give something back to you: the gift of fitness, family, and fun.

Don't worry - we won't make you do crazy things like one-handed handstands or insanely heavy weightlifting exercises (unless you want to, of course). We're here to make sure that the teachers and school faculty members in our community can come to the gym, be a part of our incredible family, and have fun while working out. No pressure, no commitment -  if you want to continue with us afterwards, we'll let you know how to do that when the time comes.

Fill out the form and pick out some class to try - it's as easy as that! Our members know that you're coming, and they are as excited as we are!