New Year - Renewed Focus

Programming 2017

Starting in January, we are going to put a renewed focus on programming intent. It will be crystal clear what we are doing and why. Our focus for the first 12-16 weeks will be on baseline strength, general physical preparedness (GPP) and unilateral work. This block will help prevent injury and prepare you for higher skill movements (gymnastics/weightlifting).

Without getting super technical, let's jump into some of the highlights:

  • The basis of the programming is the conjugate system. There should be no surprises here as we have been introducing it over the past couple months. In short, it combines heavy work, speed work and accessory work to great affect and fits very nicely with CrossFit's constantly varied movements.
  • We will be performing some benchmarks early next month and re-testing towards the end of the block. It is important you A.) participate B.) Put your scores in SugarWOD so you/we can track your progress methodically.

Class will follow the same format you are used too, but you will see some new things as well:

  • Move with a purpose during class. Every hour will be jam packed with work and fun :)
  • Extra Credit: You'll see this everyday. While we may or may not have time at the end of class to do it together, we will explain it at the beginning so you can do it after - it should take no more than 5 minutes.
  • L1, L2, and L3: Each Workout of the Day (WOD) will still have prescribed (Rx) weights and movements. "L" refers to "Level" and basically provides scaling options to match your current level of fitness and goals. We understand that everybody is different and we will take injuries, etc... into account.

In summary, trust the process! It will pay off. Show up and do the work. Track the work you do in SugarWOD - everybody loves to see improvement! We are super excited to kick off 2017 and hope you enjoy the ride as much as we will. Happy New Year!