CrossFit for the 50+ Crowd

Many people ask is this something I can do and is it a good fit for me.  Here are 3 great reasons why.

1. Do you need to pick things up? (Groceries, kids, etc) 

As we get older things in our life really don't change. We still need to pick up and carry our groceries, do yard work, etc... We still want to play with our kids and grand kids. Why not come in and practice doing these things in a safe environment? We'll teach you the safe and best ways to pick up and carry things.

2. Maybe you want to keep hiking mountains or easily climb stairs.

CrossFit focuses on General Physical Preparedness.  A few of the skills involved are Balance, Flexibility and Agility.  These things need to be used and practiced daily or they start to diminish over time!

3. Fun

Many people don't think of working out as fun, rather something you NEED to do.  Many people have lost their basic sense of what it means to play! 

George Bernard Shaw made the keen observation that "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing".

Skipping, jumping, climbing, swinging, flipping large tires & climbing walls is playground type fun that I'm certain the most of us thought was gone forever. This may not happen on day one, but after a while you'll be surprised what you're capable of.

Did you know we have a Legends class three times a week that's just for people 50 years and older?

To get started first book a "No Sweat Intro" and we'll talk about the different options that might be a good fit for you.