Did you know Trish never exercised until starting CrossFit?!


I'll never forget the day Trish walked into our door.  We were doing interviews for our very first 6 week challenge at our facility. This challenge was specifically for people 50 and older? This amazing lady walks in to my office and proceeds to tell me I'm 57 and never worked out a day in my life! 

She was nervous but confident that is was time to do something for Trish. I new at that moment this lady is going to do amazing things. Trish signed up for our 6 week challenge and as she was about to leave asked me hey what do I need to workout in since I've never done it. Off she went to buy sneakers, a sports bra, and some workout shorts.

Her very first class was on Tuesday September 27th 2016. Since that day a year ago Trish has consistently attended 3 classes a week every week except vacations and a week she had to take off for eye surgery.  On top of classes she's taken private one on one sessions as well as participated in our nutrition challenge

Trish has gone from never exercising a day in her life to somewhat of a badass!  We're so happy to have experienced this journey with her. 

Here are a few things Trish has shared with us about her experience since starting and somethings I remember. 

I am sitting here this evening with my husband talking about how much I love going to CrossFit.  You know your building an outstanding gym when the person that is older and slower than most of your clients leaves everyday feeling they are awesome!  I will never be able to truly express how much I love all of the coaches and atmosphere you have created.  Walking through the door to register was the best decision for personal growth I have made.
— Trish Miller
I’m pretty sure I want to become a coach when I decide I’m going to retire and teach other people like myself CrossFit
— Trish Miller
I cried when I came in from that mile! I’ve never run an entire mile in my life. I woke my husband up in the middle of the night because I was still so excited to remind him that I ran a mile today!
— Trish Miller