When should you Breath in the Deadlift?

This question often comes up when we are training the Deadlift. We encourage people to try and get that initial breath and set up at the top of your deadlift before you even bend over and pick up the bar!

Like all things this takes practice. That is why we encourage everyone to make every rep regardless if it's an empty bar or your heaviest lift the same.

To get started with this method you can try the following.

  1. Set up with your feet underneath the bar
  2. From that standing position brace yourself, getting tight (we can talk about that another day)
  3. Take your inhale for the lift
  4. Lean over and grip the bar, when you lean over to grab the bar imagine you are already holding it in your hands.
  5. Pick up you lift 
  6. Exhale after you complete your rep.

Watch this video for a more in-depth instruction.