How Peter helped his back pain with Pilates

Here is a little story about Peter in his own words.  He joined our gym in October of 2015 doing only CrossFit and then started with Pilates.  

After an almost 2 year hiatus from Crossfit, I found Crossfit Reanimated.  I started working out again and was making good progress when, unfortunately, I ruptured a disc at work. 

The MRI showed that not only had I ruptured a disc, but had 3 other herniated discs.  After laying around for a couple of months, the pain became bearable.  Coach Sara Benson told me I should start doing Pilates to strengthen my core and the muscles that support the spine.  A little reluctant at first, I found out that I really enjoyed Pilates and after a few months of 3 sessions per week, I was able to transition slowly back to CrossFit again! 

I would definitely recommend Pilates combined with CrossFit. Not only for back injuries but as therapy for any pain.  Thank You, Sara!
— Peter M

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