Member Story Eric Hauser

Meet Eric and Learn about his Journey with CrossFit Reanimated!

I first heard about CF around 2008 when I first started working out.  It looked really cool, but I couldn’t afford it at the time.  I did start picking up some of their WOD’s and doing them with some friends.  I remember doing Cindy and Fight Gone Bad.  Fast forward to 2013 after I had been working out for a number of years.  I finally decided to bight the $ bullet and signed up at Crossfit Stimulus in Hampton.  I loved it!  Hooked from the start.


After spending a few months at Stimulus I switched jobs and fell off the bandwagon due to an intense job.  My wife wanted to get me into some Pilates and she found out that a CF gym that had a Pilates studio was teaching a free class at Lululemon.  So, I went to the class and flailed around a little bit and talked to Sara about the gym.  A few weeks later, I finally called CFR and setup a time to come in.      

I’m all over the board at CFR.  I attend a couple of Pilates classes during the week in addition to WOD’s.  I’m usually in for the evening classes, but you’ll find me at some noon classes and even the mornings WOD’s.  The 6 am class is starting to be my favorite as I can knock it out early in the day and then swim or take Pilates later on.

My first impression of CrossFit Reanimated was the friendly staff and athletes.  I had looked at a couple of other boxes, but CFR was the first one that made me feel like the coaches had a true interest in helping me out.  Since that time, I’ve only become more convinced of the same thing.

My first bright spot at CFR was mastering the kipping pull-up.  The coaches had been working with me for a couple of weeks giving me pointers on scaled movements and how to build up to the total movement.  And then one day, I just started linking kipping pull-ups!

Now, I’m working on a ring muscle up.  I’m working a couple of drills and am hoping to nail one within a couple of weeks/months.

My favorite CrossFit Reanimated story probably has to be the first workout that I did kipping pullups on.  After weeks of trying, it just clicked.  I wanted to just keep hopping onto the rig to do a couple more.

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