Member Story Bill Fisher

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In 2009, a female friend of mine convinced me to attend a class with her.  In my attempt to impress her, I agreed.  In one of my less proud moments, I spent about 30 minutes after class puking my guts out.  My friend stopped talking to me shortly thereafter.  Fast forward to 2015, age 35, I'm driving behind a SUV with the CR logo and info on the back window.  Despite my previous experience with CrossFit, I decided to inquire.  After receiving a response from Sara, I came in for the intro classes.  The rest is history.

I've always been active.  I was an athlete in high school, play softball every season I can, and have been a professional wrestler for 10+ years.  I've come to realize that I'm past my physical prime, but want to retain my athleticism for as long as possible.  I wanted a workout regimen that provided all-around benefits to strength, cardio, flexibility, and endurance.  CrossFit does that, and Reanimated was a good fit.
I usually attend the 6:30pm classes.  I've also attended a few Pilates classes, but I very much enjoyed the 8-week Power Lifting session that Matt coached.

I avoid burpees at all times ;)

My first impression of CrossFit was one of intense difficulty and vomit.  It took a good 6 years to recover from the trauma, but I'm glad I did.  Understanding that WODs can be scaled, and working within my limitations while pushing myself has been the key.

My first real bright spot I can think of was getting my first muscle-up.  It was my first time thinking that "Hey, I can do this Crossfit thing." I'm currently working on my Cardio and Endurance
My Favorite memory of at CrossFit Reanimated was our Mock Power Lifting Meet.  Hitting my goals on 2 out the 3 lifts was a great feeling.