Member Story Tyrah

Meet Tyrah and Learn all about her CrossFit Journey!

My brother was my initial source for everything Crossfit, he became obsessed with it and I was nosey (LOL ).  I was 24 years old when I started.

My brother had begun going to the gym and I came in and observed one day and decided to do the intro class. 

I usually attend the 6:30 pm Crossfit class and Saturday mornings

My first impression was this is extremely intense.  That thought hasn’t really changed much the difference is that I welcome the intensity, and the challenges of each workout because I am striving to be better.  

DSC_0269 - Copy.JPG

I do not remember my first Bright Spot, but anytime I can get a PR on weightlifting movements it makes me happy.  

Right now I really just want to perfect the basic movements you see in Crossfit workouts such as kipping pull-ups, handstand push-up, and to just get better with endurance.   

I do not have one memory the sticks out yet, but I would have to say that anytime we have class or a specific event the amount of encouragement from coaches and other members is awesome!

Coaches Thoughts on Tyrah!

Although she may not remember her first bright spot or all the good times we have some pretty awesome times with her. To name a few would be the days Tyrah learned what heavy and fast are.  When she first started we always asked is that heavy? Only to be answered with a shrug and I guess so.  This girl is strong and fast. We certainly had a blast doing CF Total and Tyrah finally saying Okay! That was Heavy!