Member Story Tim Harrell

 Tim's 6:00am Crew! Only missing a couple of days since September.

Tim's 6:00am Crew! Only missing a couple of days since September.

Tim has been coming to CrossFit Reanimated since September of 2016. We love having him in class and are amazed at his progress. He's a true inspiration and always has a smile on his face.

I had heard of Crossfit and seen some over the years but never knew much about it except for the fact that it looked like an activity for a much younger age group than myself. My daughter and her fiancé both started doing Crossfit not long after they graduated college. Still never thought about it for me. I started my Crossfit journey at the ripe young age of 61!


I saw an ad on Facebook for a 6 week challenge for folks over 50 and thought that may be a good springboard to get me started losing some weight and regaining some strength. I sold a small retail seafood business in June that had me working 65-70 or more hours a week  and needless to say, little time and no energy for constructive physical activity. I was immediately impressed with the enthusiasm of Sara, Michelle, Dan, Matt, and Ross who were my coaches early on. The fact that they would take the time to help me work with my physical limitations and improve some really impressed me.

I currently attend Crossfit classes on Tue and Thu at 6am, and the 9:30 am Sat class. Have tried the beginners Pilates class once and want to start doing that regularly.

 Tim doing his first CF Total November 2016

Tim doing his first CF Total November 2016

When I first started some of the movements and activities, even the warm ups were hard for me. I came in with very limited flexibility, limited range of movement in my shoulders, an aching right knee, weak overall body strength, and way too much weight on my frame, as heavy as I have ever been. I have gradually gained more overall flexibility, more strength, and reduced my weight with the help and advice of my trainers. It keeps getting better!

The first bright spot for me was probably when I was down 7 lbs within the first 2 weeks. I came in very heavy, so weight loss was extremely important.

When I first started losing weight was my main goal at first but now gaining strength and increasing my endurance are starting to become just as important. I feel sure if I get stronger and can work out longer and harder that my weight will continue to go in the right direction as long as I stick closely to the dietary guidelines that I learned from CFR! I am seriously considering participating in the Crossfit Open to challenge myself a little more.

My favorite CFR memory did not happen in the gym. A little background; I had a cancerous kidney removed March 1 in 2016. After some follow up tests, I saw my surgeon in July and had blood work done. She told me I was good for a year but would like to see me lose some weight. I started at CFR the last week of September and saw my regular doctor in mid November for my regular checkup and blood work. He was thrilled with my weight loss, over 20 lbs then, and could not believe my blood work tests.

Since July my cholesterol dropped 57 points, and my HDL levels were very high and LDL very low. All other results were equally good. All done without medication, just good diet and workouts. My Doc told me" Whatever you are doing, keep on doing it!" That felt pretty darn good!  

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