Member Story Michelle G

Meet Michelle Gunsenhouser

She has been training with us since May of 2016. She's recently taken her Level 1 and has been going through our Coaching Internship for the past few! months.  It won't be long before you'll see her coaching her very own classes. 

This is her CrossFit Story!

I found out about CrossFit since there was a box on a corner I passed every day on the way home. I knew people who did it but was always intimidated to try it. Fast forward a couple years later, my husband’s brother and his girlfriend were posting video after video of all the cool stuff they were doing and they were in great shape. One day we took one of their classes up in Philadelphia and we loved it. I was 26 when I started.

Once we moved to Virginia Beach it took us about 6 months to make the move and look for a gym of our own once we decided we wanted to join and I did a google search and Sara seemed like the most friendly owner we talked to, so we went in and haven't looked back!

I take CrossFit classes, occasionally Pilates. I’m pretty regular at either the 5:30 or 6:30pm class during the week.

My first impression of CrossFit (before actually trying it), was that they were all crazy fit and ate paleo all the time. My impression hasn't changed much, I still think people are crazy fit which makes me want to be more fit myself! I also now know that anyone can do CrossFit, it has nothing to do with fitness/skill level. If you want to succeed, CrossFit will let you do that!

I have had so many bright spots since I started, push-ups, rope climbs, double unders, and of course increasing my weight, but one really stands out.

For anyone who watched me struggle through box jumps, you know it took me months to get over my fear of falling. I can't remember which month it was, probably October, I finally just did the box jump on a 20" box (I call it the big girl box) and I did it in a workout.

 Using the "Big Girl Box"

Using the "Big Girl Box"

I had the shorter box next to it just in case, but Dan came and took it away because he didn't see me using it, so I had to use it the whole time!

Right now, I'm working on pull-ups and being able to do things like push-ups (without the box) and rope climbs consistently in a WOD. I'm getting there but always room for improvement!

Also, I'm working on practicing my coaching skills so that I can hopefully soon have classes of my own!

So far my favorite memories of CrossFit Reanimated usually involve when we all hang out and talk after class, or weekly lunch after Saturday class. When I was fairly new to CrossFit, I participated in a yearly fundraiser called 31 heroes and realized CrossFit is more than just inside the walls of our gym, it's a whole community that comes together and then you realize you’re part of something bigger, it's awesome!

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