The top 8 reasons on how I became the Pilates Instructor that didn't do Pilates!

Written by: Sara Benson

Yes it's true, I was that person teaching Pilates sessions, coaching CrossFit classes and I was hardly getting my own workouts in. I didn't even know it was happening.  

What happened...

  1. I got busy
  2. I was tired
  3. I didn't feel well
  4. It was too hard to find an instructor I liked
  5. I didn't feel like driving
  6. Money was tight
  7. I needed the time to spend with family
  8. I could do it on my own.....etc

Insert me whining here and coming up with every excuse I could think of!

I had all of the excuses. So when we talk and I say: I understand! The truth is I really do I've used every single one of them in the past.

Prior to opening our facility I would take Pilates lessons at least two times a week. Once we opened our facility in 2014 the instructor I worked out with wasn't available anymore and I didn't try to find a new instructor for a little bit.  At first I thought I'm well trained and I have all of the equipment I can do this on my own.  The honest truth is I can't! Perhaps some people do, but I can probably count on 1 hand the number of times I've worked out alone. It's not my thing. I really need someone to motivate me.

Between July of 2014 and January of 2016 my practice was sporadic at best...I was ashamed to admit this at first, but it's true. I would travel to NY once a month since I was still working a different job and when there, I would try really hard to get in at least 2 sessions since that is where I had done my original training.  The studio I trained at was literally 2 minutes from my office and guess what I had more excuses only making it in occasionally.

How did all of this start? I'm not exactly sure what the catalyst was, but I'm pretty sure it started after a vacation. I took a trip and hadn't booked any sessions out past that trip...then one thing led to another and a month had gone by, then another month...

One day I was trying to demonstrate something and really struggled with it.  I was pretty upset. What kind of leader was I not taking my own medicine - trying to help others and not even helping myself?  It was time to make a change and get back into my routine. 

I needed to find a solution that fit with my schedule and instructor that I enjoyed working with. One day I sent a message to the woman that trained me. I asked could she teach me via Facetime? Of course the answer was yes and boom - we have a regular date at least once a week and sometimes twice a week.  

The moral of all this is figuring out how to make it work for you and stopping the viscous excuse cycle. Many times we can find so many reasons why we can't instead of looking on the bright side for solutions! 

Some tips on how to find time for you:

1.  Schedule your workouts in your calendar (you're more likely to do them if it's in your calendar)
2. Look into private or semi private sessions.  These can be booked around your schedule and usually if you're paying a higher rate you have a higher probability of committing to it.
3. Tell someone else you're plan...they'll probably hold you accountable.
4. Get creative, try working out at home or during your lunch break.

If you're not sure where to start, come in and see us.  We can help you find a solution that matches up with your goals and a schedule that works for your life/busy schedule.

Schedule your No Sweat Intro here. Chat with one of our trainers, check out our facility, get a body composition reading and recommendations towards your goals. It's all free. What do you have to lose?