Member/Coach Story Michelle McGrevy

Michelle has been coaching with us since October of 2014. Many people look at her as an all around really strong woman. It's time to for everyone to know her story!

What brought you to CrossFit in the first place?

I had 3 babies and had lots of extra baby weight, very out of shape and having back pain.   So while we lived in MD I started to run 4-5 times a week(boring and I got shin splints, ouch).  So then I decided to join a local gym following Les Mills programs. After I was into a routine, my husband got orders to Japan, which I went kicking and screaming.  I continued to do body pump because the base offered it until a friend introduced me to Crossfit(fall 2009).  It took me a couple of weeks before I was completely hooked.  What actually got me hooked is that I started seeing results in my body composition in just a few weeks that running and the local gym took months to do.  Every time I touched a bar or a movement I was better and faster than the last time!  

What was your first impression? How has that changed?

Crossfit was/is hard period, but it is scalable to my/any fitness level.  It has often left me lying on the floor in my own pool of sweat being cheered on and encouraged by my peers and I LOVE it!! After about 2 years, I then wanted to change the role of being an athlete to being a Coach(April 2011).  I love coaching my fellow piers and watching them grow as athletes and help them achieve their goals. 

What was your first “bright spot”? 

Pull-ups were and still very hard for me, I kept at it and several months later(like 6) I had my first pull-up!  I completed my 1st half marathon in just over 2 hours in 2010!!  I then went on to compete in mini triathlons, ekiden's and then local competitions! I  You're looking at the 1st place finisher of the 2012 Garage games Scaled Division!!  (yes, I started CF scaling all my wods)!!

What are you working on now?

Nutrition is my biggest obstacle right now.  I am having a hard time giving up sweets and dairy.

What’s your favorite CrossFit Reanimated memory?

I have so many awesome CF Reanimated memories.  I love when one of my athletes get's their first rep of a movement that they have been working on!  I love Saturday WOD's, sweating, and cheering with everyone!  I love our social hours and just hanging out with my gym family!  

 Always  smiling, class clown when not coaching, oh and of course in PURPLE!

Always  smiling, class clown when not coaching, oh and of course in PURPLE!

Michelle currently teaches private sessions and coaches CrossFit classes at CrossFit Reanimated. 

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