A Congratulations note to our members

If we don't say it enough I'm going to say it now. We are so proud of you. Over the past several weeks I've heard so many stories that have made me cry just a little bit. 

Several people have had made serious changes in their bodies over the past year, lower blood pressure, weight loss, you name it.  On top of that we've watched many of you JUMP way outside of your comfort zone.

Several weeks ago we had 4 people run their very first 5k. Today we had 6 people participate in their first grueling CrossFit Fundraising workout "31 Heroes". This  also wasn't done in the safety of your own gym. We know many of you have never done this outside of our 4 walls.

It's scary doing all of these things. Some of us face all kinds of challenges just showing up at the gym for a workout. The fact that you keep showing up every week putting in the work and making changes is awesome!

So from all the coaches to all of our athletes we are watching and we're proud of you!

Take a moment this weekend and reflect on how far you've come since the first day you walked through our doors. 


31 HEROES AUG 6th 2016