Year 2 and Counting!

I can't believe it it's been 2 years since we first opened the doors at CrossFit Reanimated!

This has been such and amazing adventure that is almost impossible to put into words , but I'm going to try. We've gone through all of the emotions since the day we opened our doors. It certainly was an emotional time when we first opened up. We had delays due to family emergencies, finding a space, construction, you name it's happened. 

It finally happened we picked a date Saturday July 19th and said we're holding our first class.  The night before filled with excitement and nerves cleaning and preparing every corner of the gym for people to show up. I'm pretty sure neither one of us slept much that night since we had no idea if anyone was going to come except for a couple of our friends. I can't event explain the excitement when not one but 4 complete strangers we've never meet in our life walked in our doors to try our first class.  Then two weeks later they brought in more friends!

  Workout #1 at CrossFit Reanimated

Workout #1 at CrossFit Reanimated

In hind site that was the easy part, going forward from that was when things start to get hard. That first month or so we were going on adrenaline. You forget those first few months not knowing are people going to show up, are they going to like what we're offering. We'll we've stuck to our values over these past two years and the results have been nothing shy of amazing.

We've grown and learned so much over the past two years, but our core has stayed the same. 


You'll still probably find Dan making sure everything is perfect and ready for the next day!

The biggest thing I can say is we are GRATEFUL for the members that bring so much to our lives. Helping people move better, making them laugh or finding a bit of enjoyment in their days is what we love most.

Saturday Workout #100ish