Why Playing Isn't Just for Kids

It's taken some time to learn this lesson.

You might think coming to the gym is all about getting healthy, making gainz, and something you just have to do. I challenge you to think a bit differently about that. A favorite author of mine Brene Brown writes and talks about this. Did you know that people actually do research on this:  One aspect from Brene Brown

One property of play is that it’s time spent without purpose. In our culture that’s also known as an anxiety attack. Our TO-DO lists are so extensive that we feel like slackers if we’re not working to check off tasks every single minute of the day and night. Even sleep has started to feel self-indulgent. 

What does this have to do with going to the gym?

Sometimes we do stuff just because it's fun and a little bit of uncontrollable laughing can go a long way in our overly controlled lives of work and obligations. We aim to create a space where it doesn't mater what you look like, how you dance, or make another person laugh - just have some fun!

When was the last time you laughed with reckless abandon and lost complete track of time?

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