Getting Started at CrossFit Reanimated

Getting Started at CrossFit Reanimated!

When you walk into our facility for your first time, you will be met by a coach that knows walking through the doors for the very first time is a big deal. It’s not easy for everyone to make that first step and we know that. Most of us have been in that same situation before and we appreciate everyone who comes in.

For us to help you our first priority is to first understand what you need.  From there we can properly recommend the services that best meet your needs.

Everyone interested in getting started at CrossFit Reanimated must start with our “No Sweat Intro”. This is very easy to schedule; you can do this directly from our website. We ask this of all potential clients no matter your current fitness level or experience.

During the “No Sweat Intro” you’ll tour our facility and we will learn more about you. We’ll discuss your goals, injury history, what you’ve tried in the past for fitness and weight loss and how we can help. This will typically take 15-20 minutes. There is No sweating involved we promise!

Depending on your individual goals, at the end of the intro, we’ll make recommendations on how we can best help you to reach your health and fitness goals. For many, this is our 1 on 1 beginner course to prepare new members for group classes. Other times, it might be Pilates sessions or a more individualized plan might be best; this may include Nutrition Coaching, personal training or one of our hybrid membership options.

Once we decide on how to start, we’ll take body composition measurements to track your progress and schedule your first session!

Welcome to the family!