Get out there and use your FITNESS!

I often wonder how often are we using our Fitness as we should be? It think the answer is not nearly enough.

This is something I've had reason to think about lately. While on a ski trip out west after several days of skiing something jumped out at me and I was a bit surprised.  I wasn't sore!!!! Let me tell you a little story and why this surprised me...

1. I used to live a bit farther north and ski almost every weekend....2. I'm not used to skiing in fresh snow...3. I haven't been skiing in TWO YEARS!!!

 lake tahoe from above

lake tahoe from above

NUMBER the biggest one. I used to always be sore for several days after getting out my first few times.  You know, the oh my god my quads hurt so bad and a I need a massage, and can't work out for at least a week sore. My very first ski trip out west was well before CrossFit and Pilates were in my life and I used to have all of those things going on.

The totally awesome part of this trip is none of that happened.  Of course it was hard while on the mountain and I felt it throughout the day, but other than that things were feeling pretty good post skiing and the days after. Good enough to get in a couple of workouts at one of the local CrossFit gyms as well as our hotel!

If you ever find yourself wondering what's the point of all the time at the gym, running, or whatever it is you're doing to stay healthy.  For many of us this is it:


This wasn't the first time I've experienced this sort shock and surprise, but I always have the same excitement when I realize this isn't so hard and tons of fun. It also doesn't hurt nearly as much as I remember.

Whatever it is you like to do or maybe want to try, I encourage you to not wait. Get out there ENJOY and have FUN!

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Sara Benson, Certified Pilates Instructor and CrossFit Trainer