How Pilates can help your squat

Come see how Pilates can help your squat!

What is all this Pilates talk about and why should I give it a try? Some of us have heard things like you have a pelvic tilt, butt wink, immature squat etc. Without getting into the anatomy associated with these conditions, we just want to improve our squat.

Now why are we talking about the squat you might ask? Squats are an essential functional exercise creating strength needed for everyday activities; getting up from a chair, getting off the toilet, climbing stairs, and picking something up from the floor. Not to mention who doesn’t want a really nice looking behind?!

How do we get our squat from looking like this to…

…more like this, our natural state we had as a small child

First it takes time and work. We need to undo years of sitting in a poor position. If you start incorporating Pilates work into your current regimen you’ll start to see improvements. The goal is to lengthen tight muscles that pull the body out of ideal posture and to strengthen the muscles that hold the body into a more ideal posture. The hamstrings and hip flexors need to be stretched and the lower abdominals and gluteus muscles need to be activated (The Core).     

We’ll use the Pilates method to work on these areas as well as the rest of the body.  It all starts with what we call the Powerhouse working from the core to extremity. We want to work on the entire body as a whole, not just the parts and pieces of the body. You could work on just your ankles and/or your shoulders, but the whole movement won’t come together if we haven’t worked the rest of the body. 

So what are you waiting for? Try something new and add a Pilates session to your weekly CrossFit program.  We’re sure it will help improve not only your squats, but many of other movements as well.

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