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Health and fitness are crucial at any age but none more so than as we approach the age of retirement when the majority of people transition to a more sedentary lifestyle. Most retirees live an average of over twenty years beyond retirement, and this is why staying active and physically fit is more crucial than ever before.

Our Legends program focuses on a variety of weight training and mobility exercises to help build your strength and vitality. You’ll be led by one of our highly trained coaches through carefully designed workouts, beginning with a thorough warm-up session, followed by strength and conditioning training scaled to your skill and comfort level, and concluding with a cool-down session to help lengthen your muscles and condition your joints.


At CrossFit Reaniamted we want your next twenty plus years to be the best of your life. By joining our Legends program you can regain the mobility and strength that may have been lost from years of inactivity, making you stronger and more mobile than ever. These benefits might allow you to finally take that big trip you’ve been putting off, or help you keep up with your grand kids when they come to visit, or just make sure you’re capable of doing your favorite activities with more ease and satisfaction.

Join us today and see how you can increase the enjoyment in your life!

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Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00 am

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